Pork Profit Maximizer

This bi-weekly market update offers a detailed analysis of various products complete with a discussion of what is happening on the food retail level. Projections on prices and supplies available in the future are updated on each report.

Pork Profit Maximizer for February 6th Retail Edition 

Pork belly prices spike on tight short-term spot supplies, short covering and panic buying but longer-term demand is far from certain. While the talk of a bacon shortage is a big silly given expectations of all time record hog slaughter, what is not in dispute is that we have never had such high pork belly prices this year in the year. Short covering and panic buying appear two key factors driving prices in our view. USDA quoted the value of the pork belly primal on Friday at a little over $180/cwt, 40% higher than a year ago and almost doubt what it was in 2015.  Download Complete Edition Here

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