Consumer Research

Understanding consumer behavior is key to reaching your customers at the meat case.  The research outlined below provides insight into the factors that influence consumer purchasing decisions about fresh pork.  
Consumer Studies

  • National Eating Trends Study
    Learn more about the pork consumer with this analysis of at-home intakes for fresh and processed pork.  The study cites differences in consumption based on identifiers like household size, race, age, and region, and also captures fluctuations based on seasonal eating patterns.
Consumer eating habits are constantly changing. Shifts in economic tides, health concerns and general preferences continue to shape consumers' plates. The studies below analyze trends and tendencies to help you better meet your customers’ needs.
Cut Studies
These studies analyze usage of and trends within specific pork cuts:  sausage and ham.Preference
  • Taste and Preference
    Research was performed to see how pork color, intramuscular fat, pH, and degree of doneness effected consumer and trained sensory perception of eating quality in non-enhanced and enhanced pork loins.