Good Stewardship

Safeguarding the environment is an ongoing process. Farmers are always looking for alternative methods and ideas that can minimize their impact on natural resources. Farmers often learn best from the examples of others. To help showcase positive examples of stewardship and bring focus to this important area of farming, the Environmental Stewards Awards program, which began in 1994, featured innovations and new approaches in sustainable practices until it was succeeded by the America’s Pig Farmer of the Year Award in 2015.

Like its predecessor, the new award program focuses on on-farm proficiency in a variety of areas that directly affect sustainability, which includes areas such preservation of water, air and soil quality. However, the new program also is more holistic in that it uses the We Care ethical principles at its core, which focus on:

Producing Safe Food
Protecting and Promoting Animal Well-Being
Ensuring Practices to Protect Public Health
Safeguarding Natural Resources in All of Our Practices
Providing a Work Environment That is Safe and Consistent with Our Other Ethical Principles
Contributing to a Better Quality of Life in Our Communities
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